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"If you want to spread the art of Indian classical music, share it open heartedly" - These were the words of Late Acharya Vishwanath Rao Ringe `Tanarang’. This website was launched in order to realize Acharya Tanarang’s dream of spreading Indian classical music around the globe.

Born on December 6, 1922, Acharya Vishwanath Rao Ringe was an eminent Hindustani Classical Music Vocalist and composer who hailed from the Gwalior Gharana. He was popularly known as 'Acharya Tanarang', as he composed nearly all of his bandishen under the title 'Tanarang'.

Acharya 'Tanarang' was the disciple of late Pandit Krishnarao Shankar Pandit of the Gwalior Gharana. He received rigorous training as a performer of Khayal Gayaki in Gwalior Gharana style. He was awarded Sangeet Praveen and Sangeet Bhaskar from Shankar Gandharv Mahavidyalaya, Gwalior. In 1939, he established a music school called Bhartiya Sangeet Kala Mandir. His prominent disciples include Late Shri Krishna Toley (Jabalpur), Shri Prakash Vishwanath Ringe (Indore), Shri Vishwajeet Vishwanath Ringe (New Delhi), Smt. Pratibha Potdar (Sagar) and Dr. Abhay Dubey (Baroda). He taught music till his last breath.

Acharya 'Tanarang' has been appreciated for his work by Pandit Krishanrao Shankar Pandit, Ramesh Nadkarni, Pt. L.K Pandit, Laxman Bhatt Tailang and many others. He was a prominent vocalist of All India Radio. His performances were broadcasted from various radio stations in India as well as from Lahore and Peshawar. Acharya Tanarang also created a Raag Hemshri, which he performed in All India Radio. Pt. Vishwanath Rao Ringe passed away at the age of 83 at his residence in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on December 10, 2005.

More about Tanarang's Compositions:

Acharya 'Tanarang' is credited for composing more than 1800 bandishen in about 200 Raags and different Taals like Ektal, Deepchandi, Trital, Tilwada, Chanchar, Dadra, Keharva, Jhaptaal, Adaa-Choutal, Roopak and so on. His name is also enlisted in the prestigious Limca Book of Records for the same. His compositions include Bada Khyal, Chota Khyal, Chaturang, Tarana, Sadra, Sargam, Tillana and Sur Sagar. Sur Sagar is a unique composition, in which the lyrics are same as the notes. For instance, 'Nishi ras rang mein pagi ri main', in this composition, the notes are NiSa ReSa ReNiGa Ma PaGaRe Ma.

Acharya Tanarang's compositions are a unique combination of sur, taal, laya, and bhava. All his bandishen are in Hindi and Brij languages. He has composed bandishen of various moods. 'Chalo hato Tanarang mori na roko gail' is the description of Lord Krishna and Radha. The selfish ends of people, prevailing in the present day society has been described in one of his compositions 'Apani garaj jaanat sab, jaanat na auran ki'.

Acharya Tanarang's Books:

A man with marvelous understanding and passion for music, he penned a number of books which gives the details of various Raags and Bandishen of those Raags. Some of his books include:

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