Raag Bhairav

Swar Notations

Swaras Rishabh and Dhaivat Komal. Rest All Shuddha Swaras.
Jati Sampurna-Sampurna
Thaat Bhairav
Vadi/Samvadi Dhaivat/Rishabh
Time 1st Prahar of the day (Sunrise)
Vishranti Sthan S; m; P; d; - S'; d; P; r;
Mukhya-Ang r r S ; d d P ; G m d d P ; G m r r S ; ,N S;  
Aaroh-Avroh S r G m P d N S' - S' N d P m G r S;  

Raag Description: Raag Bhairav is often referred to as the king of morning Raags. It produces a rich atmosphere. The Rishabh and Dhaivat used here are oscillating which is strongly recommended in this Raag and it makes the Raag mood intense.

Rishabh and Pancham are occasionally skipped in Aaroh like: S G m d P or G m d N S'. But in Avroh, Rishabh and Pancham are Deergh like S' N d P or P m G m r r S. In Avroh, Gandhar is skipped like: G m r S. Madhyam is an important note.

There is total freedom for the performance in this Raag and can be expanded in all the three octaves. On hearing the following combination, one feels a rich ocean like atmosphere of this Raag:

r r S; d d P ; m P G m P ; G P m ; G m r r S ; ,N S r S ; G m N d ; d N S' ; N S' r' r' S' ; d d P m P ; G m P ; G m P P m G m ; G m P ; G m r S ; ,d ,N S r r ; G m d m P ; P m P ; d P d N d N S' ; r' r' G' m' r' S' ; N d P ; d d P m P m G m P ; m m r r S;   

Listen to Raag Bhairav: Following bandishen are taken from the book "Acharya Tanarang Ki Bandishen Vol I" written by Acharya Vishwanath Rao Ringe 'Tanarang'. The book contains 285 Bandishen from 31 Raags and an Audio CD. To buy the book, please contact us. All the following bandishen are sung by Shri Prakash Vishwanath Ringe.


Bada Khyal: He Ghan Shyam Jago
Taal: Tilwada Vilambit
Theme: Sunrise Time, Shri Krishna - Balyakaal
Chota Khyal: Arunoday Neeko Bhayo
Taal: Ektal Drut
Theme: Sunrise Time
Chota Khyal: Chidiyan Chuhun Lagi Sakhi
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Sunrise Time
Chota Khyal: Murat Man Me Laag Rahi
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Virah Ras
Chota Khyal: Rang Ke Kamal Drig Kholo Shyam Ab
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Sunrise Time, Shri Krishna - Balyakaal
Chota Khyal: Sunhari Kirne Chayee Gagan Me
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Sunrise Time
Chota Khyal: Sur Ki Sadhana Rang Barsaye
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Sur Sadhana
Tarana: Na Dir Dir Tanan Tan Derena
Taal: Ektal Drut
Theme: Suitable for Dance
Sargam: Dha Dha Pa Ma Pa Ga Ma Pa Ma Ga Re Sa
Taal: Trital Drut