Raag Harikauns

Swar Notations

Swaras Rishabh and Pancham Varjya. Gandhar and Nishad Komal, Madhyam Teevra. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.
Jati Audhav - Audhav
Time (9 PM - 12 Night): 2nd Prahar of the Night: Ratri ka Dwitiya Prahar
Vishranti Sthan S; g; D; - D; g; S;
Mukhya-Ang S ,D ,n S ; g M g S ; g M D n S' ; S' n D M g S ; g M g S ,n S ,D ,n g S;
Aaroh-Avroh S g M D n S' - S' n D M g S ;

Raag Description: This Raag demands special training for both voice and ear to associate Komal Gandhar, Komal Nishad and Madhyam Teevra, which is distinctly different from Raag Malkauns. Any mistake in Teevra Madhyam will destroy the Raag's atmosphere, hence the need for special Riyaz.

This is a Uttarang Pradhan Raag and can be expanded in Madhya and Tar Saptaks. The following melodic combinations are illustrative:

S ,n ,D ; ,n S ; ,D ,n S g S ; g ,n S g M g ; M D n D M g S ; g M D n S' ; S' g' S' n D ; n D M ; D M g ; M g S ;