Raag Multani

Swar Notations

Swaras Rishabh and Dhaivat Varjya in Aaroh. Rishabh, Gandhar and Dhaivat Komal, Madhyam Teevra. Rest All Shuddha Swaras.
Jati Audhav - Sampurna
Thaat Todi
Vadi/Samvadi Pancham/Shadj
Time 3rd Prahar of the Day
Vishranti Sthan S; g; P; N; - N; P; g; S;
Mukhya-Ang ,N S ; M g ; M g P ; M g M g r S ;
Aaroh-Avroh ,N S g M P N S' - S' N d P M g r S ;

Raag Description: Multani is a very melodious Raag belonging to Todi Thaat. But, it does not have any shadow of Todi Ang. It is a Meend Pradhan Raag.

,N S (M)g (M)g (S)r S is the Raag Vachak Swar Sangati of Multani, with Komal Rishabh receiving a Kan of Shadj and Komal Gandhar receiving a Kan of Madhyam Teevra using Meend. As Komal Gandhar receives a Kan of Madhyam Teevra, it is at higher shruti then the regular Komal Gandhar. In this Raag, Rishabh and Dhaivat are Alp and in Avroh, Rishabh always receives a Kan of Shadj.

Pancham is an important note and is rendered like - P (M)P (M)g P ; g M g P ; (P)d (M)P. Aalaps and Taans are often started with Mandra Nishad. This Raag creates a heavy atmosphere and is perfect for devotional compositions. This Raag can be expanded in all the three octaves. Following are the illustrative combinations of Raag Multani:

S; ,N S M g ; (M)g (S)r S ; ,N S (M)g M P ; M P (M)g ; M g (S)r S ; g M P ; M P g ; M g P ; M d P ; P M g ; g M P N ; N d P ; g M P N S' ; S' g' (S')r' (N)S' ; N S' N d P ; P d M P ; g M g M g (S)r S ;

Listen to Raag Multani: These bandishen are composed by Acharya Vishwanath Rao Ringe 'Tanarang' and are published in his new book 'Acharya Tanarang Ki Bandishen Vol 2'. This book contains 405 Bandishen from 31 Raags and an Audio CD. To buy this book, please contact us. All the following bandishen are sung by Shri Prakash Vishwanath Ringe.

Bada Khyal - Sadra: E Aatam Gyan Bin Nar Bhatke
Taal: Jhaptal Vilambit
Theme: Guru Vandana
Bada Khyal - Sadra: Sadhana Kar Sur Ki
Taal: Jhaptal Madhya Lay
Theme: Sur Sadhana
Chota Khyal: Kankariya Jin Maro Maro Kanha
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Shri Krishna - Gopiyon se Chedchad
Chota Khyal: Pyare Balama Sundar Surjanwa
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Virah Ras
Chota Khyal: Shree Ram Anuj Baithe Pahre
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Shri Lakshman
Chota Khyal: Mori Araj Sun Lijiye
Taal: Trital Drut
Theme: Bhakti Ras
Sargam: Ma Ga Pa Ma Dha Pa
Taal: Ektal Drut