Raag Shuddha Kalyan

Swar Notations

Swaras Madhyam, Nishad Varjya in Aaroh. Madhyam Teevra in Avroh. Rest all Shuddha Swaras.
Jati Audhav - Sampurna Vakra
Thaat Kalyan
Vadi/Samvadi Gandhar/Dhaivat
Time (6 PM - 9 PM) : 1st Prahar of the Night : Ratri ka Pratham Prahar
Vishranti Sthan S; G; P; - P; G; S;
Mukhya-Ang G R G ; R S ; ,N ,D ,P ; G R S ; G R G ; P R S ;
Aaroh-Avroh S R G P D S' - S' N D P M G R S ; G R G P R S;

Raag Description: This Raag has notes of Raag Bhoopali in Aaroh and Raag Yaman in Avroh. In some texts, it is referred to as Raag Bhoop-Kalyan, however the name Shuddha Kalyan is more popular.

In Avroh while rendering Aalaps, S' N D and P M G are taken in Meend and pause is not given on Nishad and Madhyam Teevra respectively. In Taans, Nishad is taken freely in Avroh and Madhyam Teevra may be skipped. The following combinations illustratively bring out the form of the Raag:

S ; ,N ,D ; ,N ,D ,P ; ,P ,D S ; S ; G R S ; ,D ,P G ; R G ; S R ; S ,N ,D S ; G R G P R S ; S R G P M G ; R G P D P ; S' D S' ; S' N D ; P M G ; R G R S ; G R G P R S ;