Here is what the visitors of our website and the buyers of the book "Acharya Tanarang ki Bandishen Vol 1" have to say..

"The book "Acharya Tanarang Ki Bandishen Vol 1" has been organized in a very systematic manner to guide one to practice different elements such as Alap, Taans, Sargams and Laya associated with different compositions on different Ragas. I have started to read the book, listen and practice some of the compositions with my own electronic tanpura and tabla. The rich melodic content of the compositions helps understand finer aspects of the associated Raga. The book "Acharya Tanarang ki Bandishen Vol 1" and the web site are a rich source of knowledge on Hindustani Classical Music. All I can tell you is how blessed I feel to have the opportunity to have the compositions of Acharya Tanarang.”

- Surath Rath, Huston, TX, USA

"Thank you for the fast shipping of the book. I liked the book and the companion CD. Nice work done by Prakash Ji and Vishwajeet Ji. This is one of the best books I have seen especially for the beginners and mid level Indian Classical Music learners. Excellent work shown in this book. Book is very well organized. Keep doing such good work."

- Ratnakar Deshpande

"An excellent book on Hindustani music of North India. The information contained in this book is a wonderful resource to every classical singer. This book is one of the greatest references that I have ever used. This book and companion CD are a great resource for those who want to sing or teach. I would recommend this book to anyone."

- Rakesh Chaudhary, USA

"मुझे आपकी वेबसाइट पर प्रदर्शित बंदिशों को सुनकर 'आचार्य तनरंग' की पुस्तकें 'आचार्य तनरंग कि बंदिशें प्रथम खंड व द्वितीय खंड' खरीदने की प्रेरणा मिली। आपके द्वारा इतनी बहतरीन पुस्तक को पाकर मैं धन्य हो गया। मैने कुछ बंदिशें, पुस्तक के साथ दी गयी सी.डी. में से ध्यान से सुनी एवं बहुत ही सरल पद्धति में पुस्तक में दिए गए नोटेशन का अभ्यास किया। थोडी देर में मुझे ऐसा महसूस हुआ जैसे मुझे कोई अनमोल एवं खूबसूरत खजाना मिल गया ! वैसे आचार्य तनरंग कि बंदिशें उनकी महानता का परिचय तो करा ही देती है, वाकई आप (श्री प्रकाश रिंगे जी) भी उतने ही बेहतरीन फनकार हैं। भविष्य में और नये संस्करण आने पर कृपया सूचित करें। बहुत बहुत आभार।"

- पं जयदेव शर्मा, सिलीगुड़ी, पश्चिम बंगाल